Somatocentering (SC)™ for birth and beyond

Feeling your way through birth and beyond.

Embracing the body wisdom for a self-confident pregnancy and a gentle, yet active and positive birth.

Somatocentering™ is a holistic approach with deep somatic awareness.
It uses intuitive and instinctive movement as meditation,
and active birth positions to help you own your birth experience.

Breath awareness and focus exercises
in addition to childbirth education will help you stay mindful and positive.

The less you fear, the more relaxed you are.

It is well-known that a mother’s relaxation have a significant effect on the baby during pregnancy as well as labour and birth. Our relaxations, both deep and dynamic, will support you to reach a level of somatocentered consciousness,
a relaxed, “trance-like” state that occurs naturally during labour.

Somatocentering™ with Réka will help you stay aware, focused, present and at ease during your time of expectancy and later on in labour so that you can draw on your natural instincts easily and trust your inner resources.

Hi! I’m Réka.

I am here to support you in the childbearing period, and beyond.
I draw on my
twenty years experience in childbirth education, pregnancy yoga, birth attendance as a doula, and counselling.

I offer prenatal classes online only. You are very welcome to join, if you are expecting.