Nurturing Balance in Birth and Beyond

Perinatal and Well-Woman Services
in Chipping Norton from 2021

Hi, I’m Réka Gáborjáni-Barker.

reka-2020-majus-14-round-brownI am a qualified doula, prenatal consultant, birth class educator, certified to teach yoga and ayurveda. I have been teaching for almost 20 years, until now mostly in Budapest. However, in 2020 I moved to Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire with my British, piano teacher, composer and performer husband, and three (almost) adult children.

Ever since becoming a mother myself, I’ve been passionate about helping women find trust, balance and love in their bodies – especially during pregnancy, at birth and in the postnatal period. I’ve taught one of the most popular birth preparation classes in Hungary, and have attended births as a doula both at home and in hospitals. In the meantime, I’ve also taught womb-centred (well-woman) yoga and ayurveda practices for women of all ages.

About Balance In Birth (and Beyond)

Balance In Birth (and Beyond) is about nurturing balance in body and soul. With my two decades of experience I am here to support you to find balance in a number of ways relevant to the childbearing period, or after.

There is balance to be found:
  • In your body. We can practice it with the help of
    • Birthlight© yoga for pregnancy and birth,
    • baby and womb ligament-positioning techniques,
    • well woman yoga classes,
    • healthy cycle practices.
  • Hormonally.
    • with deep rest pregnancy nidra and breathing sessions to help create the best environment for your baby’s growth inside your body.
    • well woman relaxation and “yoni nidra” classes to help ease an overly taxed sympathetic nervous system, and a topsy-turvy hormonal system.
  • Ayurvedically. Learn how to balance
    • your time of pregnancy and your baby’s type,
    • your hormones for a healthy cycle,
    • and your life by balancing your “doshas”.
  • Between head and heart. Get informed, but also emotionally prepared by attending
    • birth preparation classes,
    • Ayurdoula or Bach Flower Remedies consultations.

Our state of Balance is continually in Birth. It is not something static, especially not for women. But in every aspect of our existence there is a stable flow to be found. Getting in touch with our holistic dynamics is one of the most important lessons for a mother-to-be…


From 2021 I’ll be offering my knowledge and experience teaching the following classes.

For the perinatal period:
  • Birthlight™ Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth (for a strong but flexible, and well-breathing pregnant body, and for pelvic floor elasticity and stability)
  • Breech Baby Sessions (to learn how to avoid interventions, even caesarean section by moving and positioning your body – this gives the best chance for baby and womb to find its ideal place. Being head first is not enough!)
  • Birth Preparation Classes or Consultations (full, yoga combo, or mini sessions for last minute situations),
  • Consultations in Bach Flower Remedies practices and/or Ayurveda (for the harmony of this emotionally and spiritually intensive period).

All antenatal classes here.

For before and after the perinatal window:
  • Woman Yoga (womb-centred practices for a healthy cycle, and a soft flow of movements for a creative, feminine power),
  • Yoga Nidra for Hormonal Balance and Conception (progressive, deep relaxations for a radically well-rested, emotionally and hormonally balanced woman),
  • Postnatal Recovery and Ayurvedic Baby Massage Education,
  • Consultations in ayurveda and in Bach Flower Remedies (for all stages of a woman’s life, including perimenopause).

All woman classes here.